wild boar.noun

1. a wild Old World swine, Sus scorfa, from which most of the domestic hogs are believed to be derived.

2. nocturnal; an invasive species to some, a worthy adversary for true hunters.

3. wild pigs that are damn good eatin'.

Our Wild Boars

At Twin Creeks Ranch we strive to have the highest quality of wild boars possible. You will find boars varying in color from jet black, dark grey, and the occasional brindle coloration. Come Autumn, their winter hair starts filling in and they make a beautiful rug if you so choose. Tusk length averages between 2-4" and they can weigh upwards of 300 lbs. with the occasional boar surpassing this number by leaps and bounds. The average weight of harvested animals is between 220-260 lbs. There are sows and piglets that also call Twin Creeks Ranch home and we ask that you avoid harvesting a wet sow that still has the next generation of Wild Boars in tow. We have a strict policy of once blood has been drawn the animal is considered harvested and you will be required to finalize your payment. We understand bad shots happen in hunting and we will do everything in our power to try and recover your trophy boar. Once again with hogs, we have a flat rate per animal. We want you to harvest a boar that you as a hunter will be happy with and proud of. We do not want any hunter to have financial reservations if you run into a +300 lb. toothy razorback.