[wahyt-teyld] noun.

1. a common North American deer, Odocoileus virginanus, having a tail with a white underside.

2.the most elusive, cunning, weary ungulate that walks this earth.

3. a ghost of the Prairies and Boreal forest.

Our Whitetails

At Twin Creeks Ranch we believe that every hunters idea of the perfect whitetail hunt can be completely different, as can the ultimate trophy. The whitetail bucks on the ranch roam freely throughout the entirety of the property, foraging in slough bottoms, tight cut-lines and creep down the very edges of the strawberry filled meadows. These conditions provide challenges that even the most experienced of hunters may only catch glimpses of the bucks that call this place home. There are both extremely well scoring typical and non-typical bucks that will gross between 150-190". Starting in the middle of August through the first week of September, full velvet hunts are available with your choice of harvesting methods and techniques. We build our hunts around the hunter. As the fall progresses these bucks start preparing for the rut. There is numerous stands throughout the property that overlook active scrape lines, licks and game trails leading to feeding areas. Ground blinds can also be utilized if a hunter so chooses. There is also whitetail does present at Twin Creeks Ranch to help with sustaining our big buck population for the future. This provides hunters with the opportunity to see live rut activity with bucks sparring and chasing. Grunting, bleating and rattling during the pre-rut and rut can be very effective at Twin Creeks Ranch. It is during this time when the biggest bucks will be on their feet most of the day following or trying to find a hot doe. About the middle to latter part of December, post-rut is a time for sitting in a blind or stand with a heater on an active game trail or feeding area, that if requested, can be provided by your guide. The bucks will be headed to feed to regain and restore fat reserves to make it through the rest of the long Saskatchewan winter. There is NO pay per inch policy on Twin Creeks Ranch, it is strictly a flat rate on any buck that calls this land its own. We believe that the cost of pulling the trigger or letting an arrow fly should not be decided after the animal has a tape on it. We want every whitetail hunter that joins us at Twin Creeks Ranch to enjoy and embrace their experience with whichever method they choose to harvest a trophy whitetail and with the chance at some absolute cranker whitetail bucks. Velvet or hard-horned, typical or non-typical, rifle/muzzleloader, bow and arrow, 150" or 190", they all cost the same. We want you to harvest your whitetail buck of a lifetime.