Recommended Gear

Here is a list of what we recommend for a hunt at Twin Creeks Ranch. Please check the weather conditions to make sure that your gear will be sufficient and able to ensure you a comfortable and enjoyable experience with us.


  • Please pack for all types of weather, we have seen snow in July and 2" of rain in a little over an hour from the start of April to the end of September. January lows dip to temperatures well below -30 DEG C so please come prepared.

  • The Landscape changes drastically throughout the Ranch and you can be climbing sand-hills or trudging through muskeg. Please bring appropriate footwear for all occasions and know that there is a possibility you could get wet and need alternate clothing or boots.     

  • For Camp-please bring 3 meals a day and your own snacks and beverages unless otherwise discussed at the time of booking.

  • Twin Creeks Ranch will supply mattresses, power, and split wood for each and every cabin but please bring your own sleeping bag, and pillows. A BBQ will be provided with a minimal selection of pots and pans if you need but it is recommended that you provide your own cookware. We have a cooler and outhouse a short distance from the cabins for your convenience.

  • Please bring your own cutlery, cups, plates. 

  • Twin Creeks will provide sanitary wipes, toilet paper, hand sanitizer, water and soap. There is a convenience store within 15 minutes of camp that has a supply of other goods if you deem necessary.

  • If you would like to utilize an OHV while hunting with us than please feel free to provide your own with useabitly based on travelling to and from stands or tracking and retrieving your harvest.   



For the Hunt

  • Please bring your own rifle, muzzleloader or bow and arrow with ammunition. Please contact us or view our additional information page for a link for transportation of firearms across international lines. 

  • Please bring your own knives, and saws for skinning and dressing your animal. We can help you and your hunting party to get your trophy to the ridge pole and into the refrigeration unit. Your guide will be available to help out if you could use an extra hand with skinning/dressing/taxidermy prep or help with butchering and taxidermy recommendations.

  • Tarps, game-bags, ice and coolers are recommended and will NOT be provided for transportation of your harvested game animal .

  • Please bring a positive attitude and a smile. We can not wait to share our love for this place with you!