Set in exquisite Northern Saskatchewan, in the Rural Municipality of Paddockwood, we are in the heart of big buck country.

At 320 acres or over 133 hectares, we provide a hunting area more than 3 times larger than any other wild boar hunting ranch in Western Canada. A perfect mix of natural grass meadows, cutlines, beaver dams and muskeg for good measure. All of which provide an ideal habitat for the elk, whitetail, and wild boars that call Twin Creeks Ranch home.

There are numerous shooting stands and shacks ranging anywhere from 8'-30' off the ground to provide great looks down productive lines, scrapes and licks. Spot and stalk hunts for hogs is recommended but if a hunter wants to sit a feeding station to wait on a big toothy razorback then we completely understand and endorse this.

We recommend a rifle over and including .243 caliber. Bows and crossbows are definitely sufficient and we recommend a minimum draw weight at or nearing 50 lbs in order to get the maximum penetration for a quick and ethical harvest.


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